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Risk Factors and Causes of Bone Cancer

BONE CANCER is one of the uncommon cancer of all the other cancers and it generally develops in the children of age under 20. It can also happen to people of older age group. There are so many factor which can led to Bone Cancer or we can say that factors that can increase the risk of Bone Cancer.

Some of the risk factors and causes of Bone Cancer are as follows:-

1 Age :- As we have generally seen that Cancer is that kind of disease which cling in older ages but in case of Bone Cancer it tend to develop in teenage and young adults. It has connection with the development of bones during puberty. Osteosarcoma and Ewing's Sarcoma is developed in people of age group from 10-20 years of age. Now people of age groups of 40 and above are prone to chondrosarcoma and spindle cell sarcoma.

2. Radiotherapy and earlier Cancer treatments :- It has been studied that people who have undergone cancer treatment earlier in their lifetime are at higher risk of bone cancer. Radiotherapy in early ages causes mutation in bone cells which increases the risk of bone cancer. It has been seen that people who have undergone chemotherapy are 8 times more at risk of osteosarcoma.

3. Knocks and Injuries :- It is a myth that bone injuries and fractures can lead to bone cancer. It may happen that the bone weaken by the early tumor in bone is highlighted due to injury. During any bone injury doctors try to locate early tumors in bones if any.

4. Ethnicity :- It has been studied in America for over a period of 30 years about Ewing's Sarcoma that white Americans are at high risk of about nine times more than the black Americans.

5. Genetic factors :- Li-Fraumeni is a syndrome which is being followed in heredity. It is caused due to faulty genes adopted by the parents. If a person suffers from this syndrome then it will be likely at more risk of developing multiple cancers including bone cancer. The person is also at risk of developing a rare eye cancer named as retinoblastoma. Past history of cancer in family can be a factor also. If mother has developed breast cancer before the age of 45 then her children are at 5 times more risk of osteosarcoma.

6. Having hernia or other bone diseases :- Children having umbilical hernia which is caused during the development of embryo can increase the risk of bone cancer by 3 times and if you have a bone disease named Paget's disease then you are at high risk of Osteosarcoma.

7. Occupation of parents :- It has been observed that the parents who work in fields or especially the women who work in fields during their pregnancy come in contact with the fertilizers and pesticides and it can increase the risk of bone cancer in their child.

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