Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Signs and Symptoms of BREAST CANCER

BREAST CANCER: The most common cancer in women. This is the category of cancer for which women did not talked about freely and this becomes a problem in some cases and cancer grows to such a stage from which it cant be recovered. Survival rates of breast cancer is high as that of 80%. Breast cancer is easily diagnosed. By considering the signs and symptoms of breast cancer we can easily diagnose breast cancer and then can proceed for treatment. Following are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer by examining which we can diagnose breast cancer and move for further treatment and these are as :-

1. Formation of lump in breast :- Formation of lump in the breast is the main symptom of breast cancer which can be easily felt. But studies have shown that in maximum cases about 80% of the cases formation of lump is not the reason for the breast cancer. But it should be taken seriously and one must go for breast cancer examination if any such type of lump is discovered or felt.

2. Formation of lump nearby breast or underarms :- It is a myth that breast cancer only happens when the lump develops in breast. It may also indicate the breast cancer if lump is developed near the breast or under the armpits. The two symptoms can also indicate the signs of having breast cancer.

3. Inversion of nipple :- Sometimes it may be the case that the nipples may start inverting and this may lead to distortion of nipple. This type of inversion and distortion of nipple indicates the symptoms of breast cancer.

4. Change in shape and size of the breast :- There may be case that women may experience a sudden and unknowing change in the shape and size of their breasts. This very sudden changes must be taken care seriously as it may lead to breast cancer if ignorance persists. 

5. Swelling and thickening of breast parts :- It may be the case that the parts of breast experience swelling and thickening for a certain period of time. This matter should be consulted with doctor as it may grow up to become breast cancer.

6. Discharge of fluid from nipple :- In some cases clear fluid starts discharging from nipples and it may accompany blood with this also. This is the another sign of having breast cancer.

7. Pain in nipple and breast area :- It is one of the main sign and symptom of breast cancer. If the breast area and the nipple experience pain unknowingly. Then it is a cause of concern and must go for breast cancer screening.

8. Changes in breast skin :- If the breast skin forms a dimpling or any sort of irritation or if the breast skin becomes flaky and there is redness on any part of area including nipple area. Then it is a cause of concern and this should be taken care seriously as it is also a sign and symptom of breast cancer.

If you are noticing any of these signs and symptoms in your breast and body then you must go for your body screened so as further treatment and cure should be carried on if the breast cancer is diagnosed.

National Breast Cancer organisation
Breast Cancer India

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