Monday, 23 September 2013

10 Major Signs and symptoms of Lung Cancer

Though lung cancer does not show any sign and symptom in early stages but we can make judgement about lung cancer by considering these signs. These are very common so sometimes we are unable to recognize them. Lung cancer is detected on regular city scan or X-Ray check up.

In spite of having problems of recognizing the symptoms of lung cancer, some sign may indicate you of this deadly problem which are as follows :-

1. Prolonged cough :- If a person is suffering from coughing problem for a long time and this is not healing after taking cough syrups and medicine than it is a cause of concern and you must visit the doctor as it may be the deadly lung cancer.

2. Shortening of breath or wheezing :- If you are having a problem win breathing particularly shortening of breath thus you should go for a whole body scan. It may indicate lung cancer as in lung cancer the efficiency of lungs decreases leading to wheezing or breath shortening.

3. Swelling in neck and face :- Lung cancer causes blockage in the blood vessels. This result in swollen neck and face. These are uncommon symptoms but even if you notice these signs you must go for CT scan and X-Ray to examine whether it is lung cancer or not.

4. Weight loss :- Weight loss unexpectedly can indicate lung cancer thus you must take care of this sign and must report doctor after noticing this sign.

5.  Thickening of fingers :- Changes in fingers including the broadening and swelling of fingers is a major symptom of lung cancer. It is caused due to enlargement of finger bones.

6. Blood with sputum :- This is a common indication of lung cancer and if you notice blood in your sputum then you must immediately go to doctor for scan to clarify about the cause. It may be lung cancer.

7. Loss of appetite :- Lung cancer generally reduces the appetite of the victim and those if you feel like your stomach is filled all time. Then go for full body scan to detect the cause for this.

8. Pneumonia and bronchitis :- Lung cancer generally accompany with other diseases. Having pneumonia and bronchitis may indicate the lung cancer.

9. Pain in chest and shoulder :- If your chest pains when you cough and your shoulder unknowingly feels uncomfortable then it may be lung cancer within you.

10. Abnormal chest growth in men :- One of the major and hidden symptom of lung cancer is the abnormal chest growth in men. If you find any disorder or abnormality with your chest. It is to be taken care seriously and you must go for full body scan to detect the actual problem.

These signs and symptoms are to be taken care and if any if these are associated with you then you must visit doctor and go for full body scan to find out reasons for the problems.

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