Friday, 30 August 2013

General Symptoms and signs of Cancer

As the studies suggests that there are over 200 types of cancers that can affect the life of a man and its risk increases with two factors one of which is environmental factor like radiation, pollution effect, radioactive exposures, alcohol, smoking, intake of tobacco in different forms and other factor is the heredity factor in which cancer is transferred to its heir through genetic factors. Cancer is a group of diseases which follows uncontrolled cell division which is capable of spreading to nearby organs. As cancer can develop in any body part and symptoms of different cancers are different but there are some general symptoms by which we can predict if cancer prevails in body or not and if these symptoms are taken care early and cancer is diagnosed at early stages then he/she may survive cancer. So here are some symptoms which are to be taken care and if any of these symptoms are observed then we should go for whole body scan.
Some of the general symptoms are as :-

1. Formation of lump :- There are many cancers which can be felt through skin. If our body develops lump and that lump experience changes like thickening and change in texture of that part then it may be a cause for concern as many breast cancers have experienced these kind of changes.

2. Sudden loss of weight :- People who have cancer loose weight at some point of the time in their life. If weight loss id without  any reason then it is considered to be as unexplained weight loss and it is the foremost symptom of cancers of esophagus, lung, pancreas or stomach.

3. Unexplained pain :- If your body part is aching for a long time without any prior injury or explanations then it is a thing to worry and it may be the symptom of cancer.

4. Changes in skin :- Apart from skin cancer many other cancers also accompanied with changes in skin in which skin undergoes following changes that are darkening of skin, yellowing eyes and skin, redness of skin and unusual growth of skin hair.

5. Extreme tiredness :- As cancer is is a group of diseases and it affects our immune system due to which our body feels extreme tiredness without much amount of physical activity.

6. Prolonged fever :- Cancer weakens the immune system and it is accompanied with fever and if fever is not relieved for considerable amount of time then it is a cause of worry and it may be the symptom of cancer.

7. Pain while urination :- If you are feeling pain while urination or blood in your stool then you must visit the doctor as it may indicate cancer.

8. White patches on tongue and mouth :- People who smoke regularly and chew tobacco forms white patches on their tongue and mouth and these are known as leukoplakia which is pre-cancerous area and if these are not taken in care and tread as soon then it can become mouth cancer.

9. Indigestion and constipation :- Indigestion and constipation for a long period of time can indicate the cancer prevailing in esophagus or food pipe, pancreas and stomach.

10. Unusual bleeding :- Unusual bleeding from open parts of the body could be the sign of cancer. Blood in sputum while coughing can indicate lung cancer. Cervix cancer can led to abnormal vaginal bleeding. Blood from stool may indicate rectal or colon cancer and blood from nipples is symptom of breast cancer.

11. Prolonged Hoarsenes and coughing :-  Prolonged hoarseness and cough can indicate lung cancer and cancer of voice box.

Above mentioned are the general symptoms of cancers and if any of the symptoms and sign is observed then you should immediately move to the doctor and get our whole body examined. Prevention is always better than cure.


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