Friday, 6 September 2013

General Prevention measures of cancer

One phrase we all must have heard for sure that "Prevention is better than cure". But the today's trend depicts alternate view which carries message of cure than prevention. Advancement in technology and lifestyle made our lives and work so comfortable that affects  lives of people to such an extent that made people so much lazy and careless that they are not ready to pay attention towards the most precious and enormous wealth they have that is their health. Our unhealthy lifestyle and living conditions are also one of the main cause and reason for developing cancers in our body and they are increasing with increment in the comfort level of the lives. Cancer is that curse from which we cant get rid off after is stuck our body but we can prevent cancer to happen in our body and some of the general and primary measures to prevent cancer are as follows.
The following are some of the general measures that should be taken care in prevention of cancer :-

1. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits :- Intake of fresh vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of cancer. There is no such one or two food items that can reduce the cancer risk but if we take a balanced diet based on different colored fruits and vegetables, we can reduce the risk of cancer. Green leafy vegetables, blue berries, bananas, citrus fruits and combination of other vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer.

2. Quit Smoking :- Intake of tobacco through smoking and direct chewing is the main cause of mouth and lung cancer and by quitting smoking practice we can reduce the risk of cancer to a great extent.

3. Treatment of water :- Water contains soluble and insoluble impurities which can be harmful for us. In some parts water contains arsenic and radioactive elements like thorium which are carcinogens and increases the risk of cancer. That water should be treated properly and all the pollutants should be removed before its intake. This can be very beneficial for for preventing cancers as untreated water is responsible for about 10% cancers that are prevailing.

4. Healthy sex conditions :- Cancer prevails where unhealthy sex conditions prevails. We must take care of this fact and always go for a helthy sex environment. This will prevent the cancer cells to root out.

5. Organic farming :- To increase the yeild, our farmers are using more and more pesticides and fertilizers. Use of fertilizers and pesticides has reduced the quality of farm products. It has made the vegetables and fruits carcinogenic and eating these products affinity of cancer cells increases. The solution of this is organic farming in which farming is done without the  use of fertilizers and pesticides. Yeild will be low but in the end it will be more healthier to us regardless of profit earning.

6. Treatment of fruits and vegetables :- Before using the vegetables to cook they must be processed properly. These should be dipped in water for an hour before cooking. By doing so maximum of carcinogens are removed and this can reduce the risk of cancer.

7. Exercising daily :- Exercising daily for at least 30 minutes can reduce the risk of cancer. If there is no time for exercise, then involve yourself in some physical activity for at least 30 mins a day.

The above stated preventive measures of cancer are so simple and in our hand and by applying these we can reduce the risk of cancer and save lives. This quote is also true here that is "Prevention is better than cure".

National Cancer Institute

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