Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Top 10 Most Deadliest Cancers

Do you believe about 13% of total deaths in the year 2007-2008 are caused by the dangerous curse that we know by the name Cancer. It had been the cause for about 7.9 million deaths all over the globe in the specified year. These stats were recovered from the surveys of World Health Organisation (WHO). This rate is climbing day by day and affecting our lives. Let us know about the major types of cancers that are prevailing in our society and corroding our society and lives.
The most deadliest cancers that prevails in our society are as follows :-

1. Bronchial cancer and lung cancer :- This deadly cancer was responsible for about 8 lac lives all over the globe. This cancer is caused by the factors like prolonged exposure to environmental pollutants and consuming tobacco in different forms including smoking. It is common in age group of 55-65 yrs.

2. Colon and Colorectal cancer :- This cancer has ended up the lives of about 3 lac people. This very type of cancer affects the tissues of the colon and also develop near the end of large intestine  near anus. This is caused due to the dietary factors like poor diet, wrong practices of eating and drinking. Risk of this cancer increases if the diet is rich in non vegetarian food stuff.

3. Breast cancer :- It has been estimated that about 2.5 lac lives are affected by breast cancer. It is the second most prevalent cancer in women in America.

4. Pancreatic cancer :- The expected pancreatic diagnosed cases are about 2 lac. Pancreatic cancer affect the pancreatic tissue which are responsible for the digestion activities and metabolism in the body. Its affects the whole digestion metabolism of the body.
5.Prostate cancer :- It is the second largest reason for death in men by cancers. It has affected nearly 1.75 lac lives. Its target area is near prostate which forms the carrying fluid for the sperms.

6. Leukemia :- Leukemia has affected about 1 lac lives. There are numerous types of leukemia and all the leukemia affects the blood manufacturing tissues such as bone marrow and affect the concentration of blood components.

7. Non- Hodgkin lymphoma :- It is a type of blood cancer and has affected more than a lac lives. This type of cancer affects the lymphocytes of the blood which are responsible for maintaining the immunity of the body.

8. Liver cancer :- It is the most commonest cancer that is affecting the lives of people all over the globe. It does not directly affect liver but is  spread to liver from various other parts.

9. Ovarian cancer :- It is the commonest cancer in women. Its cure is easy but its detection is difficult. It has affected about 75 K lives.

10. Esophageal cancer :- It is more common in men than women and affected about 60 K lives and this cancer starts from the cells of the food pipe and spread to other parts leading to major problems.

These above stated cancers are the major and deadliest cancers that has engulfed maximum lives.



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