Monday, 16 September 2013

Risk factors and causes of BREAST CANCER

BREAST CANCER is one of the most common cancers in women.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women covering 23% of total women suffering from cancers. It is estimated that breast cancer is responsible for 14% deaths that occur due to cancer in women numbering 4.6 lac lives. This cancer is easily diagnosed and its survival rates are high too figuring 80%. It is that category of cancer that is not openly talked about. There are various risk factors of this most common cancer in women which are responsible for its growth. Following are the risk factors or we can say that the causes of  breast cancer are as follows :-

1. Having children in later age or having no children :- It has been observed that the women who had their child after they crossed 30 or the women which have no child are at the higher risk of having breast cancer. The scientific reason is that being pregnant early the net menstrual cycles are reduced and the risk of having breast cancer reduces. 

2. Alcohol :- The women who consumes alcohol are at higher risk of breast cancer. It has been observed that women who consumes 2 to 5 drinks a day are at 2 time more risk prone to breast cancer and other type of cancers.

3. Lack of exercise :- It has been studied that the persons who exercise regularly are at lower risk of breast cancer. 20 to 25 minutes of brisk walk( walking swiftly with your mouth closed) daily reduces the risk of breast cancer by about 20%. More exercise than this may reduce the risk a little more.

4. Lack of breast feeding or no breast feeding :- It is observed by doctors that there is less risk of having breast cancer to a women if she has had provided breast feed to her child. Te risk more reduces if the breast feed is given over a period of 1 to 2 years which generally doesn't happen in developed countries. 
Breast feeding generally reduces the menstrual periods thus lowering the risk of breast cancer.

5. Obesity :- Obesity is also a factor which increases risk of cancer including the breast cancer.

6. Use of birth control pills :- It has been observed in women that the risk of breast cancer is more in women who use birth control pills as compared to those who doesn't used so. So the women must consult the doctor while choosing the birth control pills.

These are the some of the risk factors and causes of breast cancer which must be considered especially by women to prevent themselves from acquiring cancer.


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